Things People Regret About Replacement Windows

Feb 17, 2020

The last thing you want when you get replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA is to regret something about your choice later. Once the windows go in, they are bound to last for decades. If you make a wrong decision, you have to live with it. Before you make a mistake and have to deal with it once the windows are in place, consider some of the things people regret the most about their new windows and then try to avoid that regret yourself.

replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA

Regret 1: The Color

One of the biggest regrets people have about their new windows is the color they chose. If they go with white, they don’t generally regret it. White goes with the home now and it will also go with any color you choose for the future. Those who choose black also don’t have many regrets because it showcases the new windows in a nice way and gives a stark contrast with a light-colored home. But if you choose something bright or something that is supposed to match your home, but doesn’t, you might have regrets about the option you picked later.

Regret 2: Efficiency Options

While any new window you get will be more efficient than the ones you have on your house now because even standard windows are highly efficient, once the new windows go in, you might regret not upgrading for efficiency’s sake. Standard windows are great, but you can get more money savings and higher home values when you get triple pane glass, inert gas fillings, and other such things. You’ll want to consider these options with care before you have windows installed and regret not upgrading later.

Regret 3: Style

There are a lot of popular window styles today and there’s no one choice that is completely right or wrong. You might, for example, simply go with the style you have on your home now. But if you don’t think through the options, you might regret it later. If you have casement windows, for example, they’re efficient and bring the air in all the way since they open from top to bottom. But you can’t clean the outside of them from inside the house like you can double hung windows so you may regret that later, among other things.

These are some of the most common things people regret about their replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA once they are installed. If you want to avoid such regrets, work with professionals who will help you find the windows that suit your home and budget perfectly. Contact the experts at Window Solutions by calling us at (619) 258-0515. We can chat by phone and answer initial questions and we can also get you set up with a free consultation to help you figure out what direction to take with your project. We’re here to show you around, talk about what you want, and point out things you might regret at 11632 Riverside Dr. Lakeside, CA 92040 so the end results are just what you want with no regrets.

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