Understand The Dangers Of Moisture In The Home

Jul 18, 2022

When you can feel a draft in your home, that means your windows are likely leaking air both in and out. That’s not a good thing for your home’s energy efficiency, but when you live in this area of the country, it can also mean that you are letting humidity inside the house. Getting replacement windows in Lakeside, CA means you seal up the home and don’t get those air leaks. You also don’t let the wet, heavy air into the house. Not only are you able to enjoy lower energy bills, but you also have the comfort that comes with humidity-free air inside. If you have a heavy feeling in your home because of the humidity, that’s not a good thing for comfort and, in fact, too much moisture can cause a lot of dangers and damage to the home. Here are a few to consider.

Mold Growth

Mold thrives in wet conditions and when you let humidity in, it can settle in the corners and let the mold grow like crazy. You may not see it at first and once you do notice, it can be hard to clean up. While getting rid of mold isn’t easy, it’s possible. But once you clean it up, if you don’t fix where it got into the home in the first place, it’s just going to happen again. Dehumidifiers can help, but replacement windows can fix the problem at the root. Mold is dangerous and you never want it growing in your home. It can cause all sorts of health issues. Plus, when you notice growth, it could be other places that you can’t see, which is another problem to address.

Unsightly Water Damage

You have water in lots of areas of your home, like the bathroom, right? Sure, but when it gets on the walls, ceilings, or other places it shouldn’t be and just sits there, it can stain and cause damage. Windows can let in moisture, which has a tendency to just sit around. You might notice those water stains and damage occurring. It’s hard to fix once it’s there and even harder to fight if you don’t get replacement windows.replacement windows in Lakeside CA

Wood Rot

Wood and water don’t mix and when your windows let in humidity, it can settle into the wood and cause rot to occur. Once rot starts, it can’t be reversed and will only get worse and spread. If your wood is rotting, like around the windows, it could even spread to the siding or studs in your house. Replacement windows will help to stop the issue.

Older windows can have air leaks and if the air is getting in, the humidity within the area in this region can also get in. You might want to get replacement windows in Lakeside, CA to help your home’s efficiency levels as well as to stop there from being too much moisture in the air within your home. Contact the professionals for a free consultation and you can learn more about new windows then.

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