How Vinyl Windows Can Save You Money

Nov 28, 2016

San Diego weather is beautiful, but can quickly grow hot, especially during the summer. During that time of the year, energy bills for many homes sky rocket due to the increased use of air conditioning and fans. But what if we told you all of that money was being thrown right out the window? Well it is, but one simple solution can help save you money on your monthly electric bill and offer up some extra benefits. Read on to find out how replacing your old windows with vinyl windows in San Diego, CA can be a great solution to your most expensive problem.

Vinyl Windows Expand: Wood windows have a classical look, but quickly lead to drafts due to the deterioration of the wood. Aluminum windows are sturdy, but their metal holds in too much heat, making them fairly uncomfortable in San Diego homes. Vinyl windows, however, are just right. Their material expands and contracts according to the temperature, making them the perfect window choice in both the summer and winter. They also hold up well against the elements, so you don’t have to worry about time or the weather leading to drafts and sending all your air conditioning out the window!

Vinyl Windows Come with Extra Glass: Vinyl windows typically come with double or even triple pane glass, which does a tremendous job of insulating your home. If the glass is tinted, it also saves you money on your electric bill by allowing less UV rays into your home. That aspect will keep the house cooler and reduce your need to run the air conditioning. Another benefit of that extra thick glass? Double and triple pane windows are great for reducing the noise in your home to keep outside sounds outside. A cheaper bill and more peace and quiet at home? Who can turn that down.

Vinyl Windows Increase Your Property Value:  This extra benefit may not save you money on your bills, but it can definitely make you money in the long run. Due to their many benefits, adding vinyl windows to your home actually increases the resale value. In many cases, homeowners receive up to an 80% return on investment when they sell their house.

Vinyl Windows Require Less Maintenance: Whether you are doing all the window work yourself or hiring a professional, your windows can quickly cost you plenty of time and money in constant scarping, sanding and painting. Vinyl windows require virtually no upkeep, just the occasional wash with soap and water that you can do yourself.

Still not sure if vinyl windows are the right choice for your home? We suggest talking it over with one of our qualified window experts. At Window Solutions Inc., our trained staff is ready to answer any questions you may have and can even provide you with a free estimate. To claim your estimate today, call us at 619-258-0515 or visit our San Diego showroom at 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040. We look forward to assisting you with all of your window needs.

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