Dec 26, 2016

These days, being eco-friendly and nature-minded is, in fact, “cool;” for many reasons. Can we all agree we are not the only beings who need a healthy Earth and atmosphere? All politically-charged debates aside, we need to conserve where we can. Fortunately, companies like Window Solutions in El Cajon, CA, understand the importance of treating our world kindly and have made huge strides to offer products which support energy efficiency.

Vinyl windows are just as beautiful and longer-lasting in comparison to traditional wooden frames. They can be custom-fitted to any space, require less maintenance (who else just cheered at that?), resist corrosion and moisture, and will not warp or rot.

How does vinyl provide all these added benefits and serve as a more Earth-friendly option for your home? Well, vinyl window frames are made, mostly, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is an exceptional temperature insulator. Simply put, PVC does not allow heat or cold to pass easily through it. Thus, less conditioned or heated air will escape your home, unnecessarily.

At Window Solutions, we offer top-of-the-line vinyl windows in San Diego, CA and surrounding areas. Below is an overview of some of our options and key benefits, for your reference.

Tuscany Series by Milgard
                – meets Energy Star qualifications in all regions
– voted Best in the West for 2015: highest quality, most used brand
– designed to withstand harsh climate conditions

Style Line Series by Milgard
                – slim profile frame and maximized views
– creates a sleek, contemporary look
– voted Best in the West for 2015: highest quality, most used brand

Quiet Line by Milgard
                – excellent noise protection (do you live downtown, near an airport, train track, or schoolyard?)
– double-glazed with a built in sound panel (two windows in one, basically)
– designed to complement other vinyl lines from Milgard

Professional 5000 Series by MI Windows
– thermal performance
– sleek and traditional styles
– narrow sight lines

Home Maker3 by MI Windows
                – forced-entry resistant
– deglazing resistant
– “Low-E” to reflect sunlight away from the home and protect from UV rays

DaylightMax by Simonton
                – narrow frame and wide view
– up to 40% more daylight with Low-E to reflect sunlight away

You see the notion of being “kind” to our environment has been made into an arduous, limiting, weird concept. But, conserving what we have isnot any of these things!We live in an age where kids and adults, alike, are taking ownership of their effects on the Earth and calling the resolutions “where it’s at” and “hip” and “cool.”

Cool is the new beautiful. Call us at Window Solutions today and let’s get started upgrading your home with vinyl windows!

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