Vinyl Windows & Energy Efficiency…What Should You Know?

Mar 20, 2017

If you know anything about windows, you know you want yours to be energy efficient. You’ve heard that vinyl windows are the most energy efficient, but how do you make sure you get the best options when you are looking for windows for your San Diego, CA home? It is wise to know a little more about the rating system within the window industry so you can make an informed decision based on the energy efficiency of the vinyl windows you are considering.

Windows include a lot of ratings and when you start to look at all of the numbers and letters, it can get confusing fast. If you want to narrow down your options in terms of the best vinyl windows in San Diego, you should pay attention to at least these following three.


The U-factor is a numbered rating that tells you how well a window will keep your heat inside your home. San Diego has decent temperatures most of the year, but you will want your home to keep the temperature-controlled air inside, whether you are running your heat or air. The lower the U-factor number is, the better the window insulates your home. You will usually see a number between .20 and 1.20. The lower the number is, the better the window is.

-Solar Heat Gain Coefficient or SHGC

The SHGC measures the window’s ability to block any radiant heat that comes from the sun that shines through the glass. You will also want to see a lower number in this area. The ratings are usually between 0 and 1 and the lower they are, the less heat you get into your home from the California sun.

-Air Leakage

The manufacturer does not always include this optional number, but you should take note of it when it is. The number is important because it will show you how much heat or air you will lose or gain through the hardware on the window. You want to see a low number here as well because it means less air will pass through those areas.

Now that you know a little more about the numbers, you can make an informed decision about vinyl windows for your San Diego, CA home. If you have further questions or want to get into the other rating windows often carry, call Window Solutions at 619-258-0515 and set up a consultation. We work with windows each and every day and we are ready and waiting to use our extensive knowledge to benefit your project. You are also welcome to stop by and see us at 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040. You can look over the products and options we have in our showroom and go over the ratings as well. It is our job to make sure you get just what you want in your home. We carry only the best products, but only one window is perfect for your needs. We will do our best to make the perfect match every time.

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