Window Colors And Trim Options

Oct 5, 2020

replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA

Getting replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA is a big job and it requires a lot of different decisions to be made. You might have already decided that you want vinyl windows and perhaps you also know what style you want. But when you are ready to make choices about color, you need to approach those with extra care. Vinyl windows can’t be painted so whatever color you choose, you’re stuck with. You need to make sure you figure out exactly what you want your windows to look like, so you are able to live with them long term. Keep the color of your home in mind, but also consider the color of the trim on the outside of your house. Here are a few things to think over as you look at window colors and trim options.

You Could Match The Trim

The trim color might go well with your home already and one thing you could do is simply have the windows blend in with the trim color, whatever that might be. If your trim is already a classic color, like white, putting in the same color of windows will streamline the home. Having the trim and windows match is often a good option. Just make sure your windows would look good with other color options as well in case you paint the trim in the future.

Contrasting The Trim Is An Option

Modern homes, and others, hold contrast in high regard. Contrasting the trim color with the window color could be a very stylish thing to do to make things stand out more. You could get white windows with dark trim or black windows to go with white or lighter trim colors. You could get the same window color in a different tone to get that contrast as well.

Paint The Trim To Go With The Windows

If you want your windows to look nice with the trim, but you are set on a certain window color, you could always paint the trim to look better with the windows. Trim is easy enough to paint and changing its color along with getting new windows can make the whole project stand out that much more. You’ll heighten the curb appeal of your home and give it that new, fresh look you want.

replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA

If you are ready for replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA, the color you get is a big consideration. You’ll want to think about not only the siding color on your home but also the color on the trim. Take samples home and examine them with care during different points of the day so you are able to ensure you know what they look like with your house before moving forward. The professionals at Window Solutions are here to give you recommendations and advice on any aspect of your new windows whenever you need them. You can call us for a free consultation to get started down the right path for your home.

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