Special Replacement Window Options

Jun 27, 2022

The most popular replacement windows in Lakeside, CA on the market come in double hung and casement styles. However, there are a lot of other options to consider. While most of your windows will likely be one of those two styles, you might have certain places in your home that call for something different. There are special, more unique windows that can help you differentiate your home from others like it. Here are some of those special window replacement options that might suit your home in just the right places.

Stationary Or Picture Windows

Stationary windows can be of any size. You might utilize them in places where you don’t need windows that open and close, but you want natural light and the view. Stationary windows are energy efficient since they don’t have any moving parts. If you have a room that juts out of the house, it might have windows on three walls. You can have the windows on one or two walls open, and the third wall can have stationary windows. Picture windows are like stationary windows, only larger. They show a good deal of the view and bring in lots of natural light while remaining in the closed position.

Bow Windows

Bow windows, which are similar to bay windows, curve out and jut from the house. They offer an architectural style that brings your house to another level. You also get more space within the house. These windows add elegance to the home as well as extra natural light and a new sense of style. If you have a bank of windows on a certain wall in the house, you might be able to replace all of those with a bow window instead and get even more.

Windows Of Varied Shapes

Windows are generally rectangles, but you can get them in any shape you want. There might be a space above the back sliding door, for example, that you want to dress up. So you put a series of circular windows there. You can place an octagonal window above the front door, or an oval window in that dark hallway. The shapes are widely varied and you might be able to get something unique that makes your house stand out.

Garden Windows For Uniqueness

replacement windows in Lakeside, CAIf you have space in or near your kitchen, you might like a garden window. These windows jut out of the house and have glass on all sides, making them a great place for plants, herbs, and flowers. You can grow things right there inside your house and enjoy the fruits of your indoor garden labor. Garden windows are unique because not every home has them and they can be something you thoroughly enjoy.

When you decide to get replacement windows in Lakeside, CA, you can simply replace what you have now with something similar. Or, you can get something with a few variations that can help you to make your home more special and unique overall. It only takes changing a few windows with something different to make your house stand out. Contact the window professionals today for your next window project.

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